Build a life & career on your own terms.

Discover where you belong most in the world of work, and how to get there without sacrificing your hobbies, relationships, or health.

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“We channeled my passions to identify an ideal career and promote myself as a qualified candidate. Thanks to Jérémy’s feedback and perspectives, I was able to land my ideal job!”

Benefits & Outcomes


Discover where you belong in the world of work

I know what it’s like to feel lost or uncertain about the direction you should be going in. Career experimentation doesn’t have to be a slog—it can be energizing and rewarding when you approach it strategically.


Build an online presence that compels people to work with you

Portfolios aren’t just for designers and writers. You’ll win more opportunities by creating a collection of published works, articles, and case studies that showcase how you solve problems and the kinds of results you get.


Develop a strong network of people who align with your goals

By starting conversations directly with the human beings who decide who to hire (instead of submitting faceless job applications), you’re forming relationships that will serve you literally your entire career.

“Jérémy went above and beyond just helping me ‘find a job’ by making sure to set me up with the tools for a fulfilling and rewarding career.”

Meet your coach

Hey! 👋 I’m Jérémy, and I stumbled into career coaching by accident.

After building my second marketing agency, my partner & I saw an opportunity to teach freelancers to win their own clients instead of relying on us. In just over a year, GigLoft taught over 3 dozen freelancers to find & close their own clients.

In late 2019, I had the opportunity to lead marketing at a career-launch software startup, where I learned unique strategies for winning jobs when you don’t have experience. I coached dozens of job-seekers on our process and got them hired.

After that, I honed my coaching skills at a coaching company for a few months before deciding to strike out on my own again.

Now, I coach ambitious people through their toughest challenges and help you achieve your career dreams!

How the program works

Schedule a free 30-min consultation to meet each other and discuss your goals.

Even though we’re both nice people, our personalities may not necessarily “click.”

I’d rather get to know each other first. From there, we can mutually decide how we’d like to work together.

Here’s how these conversations tend to go:

If we decide to work together

We begin sessions at your pace

I strike a healthy balance between challenging you to push yourself, and going at the pace you’re comfortable with.

You’ll get your own Career Operating System, the tried-and-tested tools & exercises I’ve used with dozens of clients like you:

Reach out for support anytime.

Think of me as your cofounder in You, Inc. That means I’m available via email or text 7 days a week.

Message me anytime when you have questions, doubts, or ideas that you’d like me to help you with! We can jump on a quick phone call or screenshare if needed, or exchange voice messages.

Win the jobs/clients you want with the compensation you need to excel in life.

Get farther into the job interview process by interviewing like a consultant, not a candidate. Make them want YOU and only you—then negotiate compensation that melts away financial stress and unloks your absolute best work.

How quickly? That just depends on how motivated you are. 😏

Build a career that lights you up. 🤩 🎊

The end goal of working together is always to unlock your potential and create a career that is rewarding in all aspects!

Inspiring careers are like a beautiful chess board. The question is: Which piece will you move next? ♛

Join dozens of successful clients building inspiring careers:

Career Mastery

Warp-speed progress towards your career goals (2-3 months)


Weekly meetings (1hr)

Lifetime access to your Career Operating System

Access to Jérémy via email/text/Slack anytime outside sessions

Career Velocity

Fast progress towards your career goals (3-4 months)


Biweekly meetings (1hr)

Lifetime access to your Career Operating System

Access to Jérémy via email/text/Slack anytime outside sessions

Career Clarity

Slow & steady progress towards your career goals (4-6 months)


Monthly meetings (1hr)

Lifetime access to your Career Operating System

Access to Jérémy via email/text/Slack anytime outside sessions

Haven’t met me yet?

Let’s get to know each other and go over options together.

“Jérémy sincerely wants you to succeed and make your dreams come true...and he puts 100% of his energy, expertise, and empathy behind you. Anyone who works with him will not only find the road to their dream becoming clearer, but have a fantastic time walking down that road!”