We all deserve inspiring careers.

We work for income, and we work for pleasure. Work should support relationships, hobbies, and health—not take away from them.

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Why we exist


To eliminate fear & stress

Worrying about money is a huge burden on our entire society. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice health, hobbies, or relationships just to get by.

Creating a career on your own terms allows you to think more creatively, stragically, and empathetically.


To help people thrive

We may not know our passions right from the start, but we all deserve to work in ways that align with our strengths and interests.

The more we do, the more likely we are to make amazing things happen around us.


To bring the world into harmony

Humanity’s toughest challenges are still in front of us. Your talents and passions should be focused on making the world a better place, to create a future worth having for all.

The world deserves the best you.

“Jérémy went above and beyond just helping me ‘find a job’ by making sure to set me up with the tools for a fulfilling and rewarding career.”

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